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5 Must Have Items and Tips for Active Dog Owners


A funny yet true saying, “If your dog is overweight, you’re not getting enough exercise.” There are a lot of good things that happen when you bring home an
energetic pup: you wake up without an alarm clock, you go on more walks and runs, and you get pretty dang good at throwing slobber-covered tennis balls.
There’s specialized dog gear for active dog owners, and here’s what you should consider for your beloved hound:

city dog

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#1 Running Leash

A shorter, multi-style grip control is a perfect running leash for your dog. A must-have for your dog gear collection, the shorter leash keeps control on sidewalks and other high-traffic areas, which is perfect while your pup is learning the ropes.

running with dog

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#2 Portable Water Dish

There’s nothing better than long runs and hikes with your pup. Until you realize there’s no water source, or an easy way to share your own hydration. A portable water dish is easy to carry or pack, and essential to make sure you and your pup get enough fluids.

hiking with dog

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#3 Reflective Gear

There never seems to be enough hours in the day. For the busy athlete, or those wanting cooler temperatures, workouts sometimes fit best in the night hours. Reflective gear is a must for both of you. Make sure your pup’s leash and collar are equipped to ensure night time drivers know you are there.

reflective dog

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#4 Car Seat Covers

For trail runners and hikers, especially on a rainy day, everyone’s treads are going to get extra dirty. A car seat cover will add extra miles to the life of your car’s interior, and let you go extra miles regardless of the weather conditions.

muddy dog

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#5 Paw Wax

Winters are tough on the skin. And it is just as tough on your dog’s paws.  Find a safe, non-toxic wax to massage on your dog’s paws regularly to prevent cracks and reduce damage from tough terrain such as gravel and rocks. Paw wax is a great product to keep your pup happily on his/her feet.

snow dog

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Safety Tips 


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Weather Check and Layers

If you live in the high country, or areas with unpredictable weather, be sure to pack the right kind of layers. Staying dry is important, so don’t forget to your dog’s jacket. Wet or ice-covered fur can lead to fast drops in body temperatures.


off leash dog

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 Off-Leash Recall

After some experience on a good running leash, it may be time to try out the unrestrained off-leash world. Before unleashing the hound, be sure you have a solid recall established. There are many instances where you will need your pup to be responsive and return quickly to you. Treats are always a good trainer, and usually the only tool needed for getting a good recall behavior. Avoid consequence-style techniques, as it’s unnecessary, can be harmful, and often isn’t as effective or long-term as positive reinforcement. Along with some treats in the pocket, a compact dog leash is a perfect companion when switching between on-leash and off-leash adventures.


Dog gear designed for active owners is more than just for looks. It increases safety and makes it easier to get out there more with your pup and enjoy a healthier and worry-free lifestyle with your dog!

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