Custom RYKO Nalgene® Bottles are Here!

RYKO Nalgene Arrival

We just got our custom RYKO Pet Gear Nalgene® brand bottles in! Nalgene® Tritan Wide Mouth 32 fl oz. Completely leakproof, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, BPA-Free, impact resistant and made in the USA. Get one to go along with your RYKO PaxBowl to ensure the whole pack stays hydrated!

Available exclusively on our RYKO Pet Gear website.

35 States and 9 Countries!

Our Kickstarter backers are worldwide!  We shipped the PaxBowl to 35 US states and 9 countries!

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5 Things to Know When Running with Your Dog

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Dogs, especially those with high energy levels, benefit from active owners. Risks of boredom, misbehavior, and even health issues can arise without a healthy lifestyle that incorporates exercise. The idea is to find a breed that matches your activity preferences, and design a supportable routine. Whether you are already regularly active, or you aspire to become active, adding a dog to the mix will help make sure you keep up on the active lifestyle.


Know your breed: Historically, dogs have been bred to support certain human activities, such as hunting, fishing, protection, or even just companionship. Depending on the breed’s size, and individual requirements, you should select a breed that is built for your workout routines. If you want to go long, run in the snow, or hit technical trails, some breeds definitely rise to the top. JT Clough, a professional dog trainer, has picked Weimaraners, Pointers and Vizslas as his top breeds for long distance running.  By contrast, scrunched-nosed dogs, such as pugs and bulldogs, don’t make good distance athletes because they’re prone to overheating.

Know your dog’s limits: Just like with humans, you can over it! Start slow, and learn your dog’s response to your activity level. Keep an eye on their breathing rate, hydration levels, and the condition of their paws. Their age matters too. Most vets will recommend waiting until at least 12 months of age before committing to any distance of routine running. Overall, read their signals, hydrate often, and don’t ever push them further than they are willing.



Know your gear: There are many companies with products for active dog owners. Research and buy the gear that aims for safety and protection of your beloved fur ball. Here are some suggested items:

  • A Lightweight, Reflective Leash
  • Portable Water Bowl
  • Comfortable Harness or Collar
  • Paw Wax

Warm up before sprinting: Again, just like humans, dogs need a warm up period. Start with a slower pace and gradually increase it. This allows you and your dog to loosen up the muscles to minimize risks of injury.



Train for Longer Distances: Monitoring your dog’s behavior following shorter runs can be a good indicator for readiness of longer runs. If you notice your dog tending to their paws after a run, or they are demonstrating soreness or fatigue, you are not ready to up the mileage. Build a training program that matches your dog’s readiness, and be sure to incorporate plenty of recovery time.


RYKO Pet Gear aims to provide functional gear for active dog owners. Find the best designs, and enjoy running with your dog by your side.

PaxBowl Featured as Modern Dog Magazine 2017 Fave Find!

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Modern Dog magazine, the lifestyle magazine for modern dogs and their companions, has selected RYKO’s PaxBowl as a Most Wanted Fave Find of 2017! Check out their article on it here!

It’s very cool to see one of our products so well liked and supported by the community! We look forward to bringing the PaxBowl to market as we close out our Kickstarter campaign this week. Stay tuned for release dates and production progress!

PaxBowl Product Launch- Keeping Pets Safe and Hydrated on Hikes

RYKO Pet Gear Introduces a New Product to Keep your Dog Hydrated

Colorado based start-up company to launch the PaxBowl with a worldwide Kickstarter campaign

COLORADO, Feb. 22, 2017 – RYKO Pet Gear proudly announces a new product to help keep your dog hydrated when you are on the move: the PaxBowl. Unlike other portable water dishes, the PaxBowl wraps around your water bottle, providing a simple way to carry it, and keep your water cool. Every year, it is estimated that thousands of dogs suffer from heat-related illnesses, many resulting in death (data source: Dr. Karen Becker, DVM, NMD). While getting out and exploring with your pet is important for your health, and your dog’s, it’s important to have a good hydration plan. RYKO Pet Gear is launching a Kickstarter campaign, utilizing crowdsourcing to help bring the PaxBowl to the paws of thirsty pups. They are hoping to raise $2500 in 30 days. The campaign began on February 22nd. RYKO’s designer realized the needs of dog owners on the move were not being met. It is critical for dogs to stay hydrated on long hikes and adventures. When natural water sources aren’t available, hikers and trail blazers are often limited on ways to give their dog water. Even the classic “hand-cup” can waste a water supply, and make it difficult for your dog to drink from. Remember, dogs drink with the back of their tongues.  The PaxBowl easily wraps around your own water bottle, so it’s always easy to carry, and makes it hard to forget it on your trips. Whether you’re doing errands around town, or trailblazing the mountains for the day, the PaxBowl makes it a priority to keep your pup hydrated.

The PaxBowl boasts a number of useful features:


  • Wraps around 32-40oz Water Bottles– The PaxBowl is made to fit on large water bottles, such as Nalgene® and Hydro Flask® products. This makes sure the PaxBowl goes where your water goes.
  • Insulating Sleeve– The PaxBowl’s walls are made of the same stuff that scuba divers use to stay insulated. This helps keep your water cool.
  • Non-Toxic, BPA Free Liner– The PaxBowl’s interior is made of an eco-friendly, food safe material. Yes, your dog will thank you.
  • Wide-Opening– The PaxBowl has two zippers that open the bowl wider for easier consumption. No need for your dog to feel claustrophobic while drinking.
  • Locally Made– The PaxBowl has small batch local production set up in Colorado Springs, CO. A majority of the materials will be sourced within the USA, and 100% of design and assembly will be done in the USA.


RYKO’s owner, Chantel Anderson, said, “Kickstarter is a great platform to launch the PaxBowl. This is a new product, a new company and a new way of bringing innovative products to the world, geared to keep pets safe and hydrated. By supporting the PaxBowl on Kickstarter, people can be a part of the innovation process and directly affect the outcome of this launch.”


Visit the PaxBowl’s Kickstarter page to pre-order the insulating portable water bowl, meet the creators, and learn more about the product that is changing the way we pack and hydrate.



About RYKO Pet Gear

RYKO was established in 2012 with current operations out of Colorado Springs, CO. They design, manufacture and market functional products for active dog owners. Their mission is to encourage safe and active lifestyles for dogs and their owners. They strive to deliver products you can trust and depend on. Whether you’re navigating a mountain trail system, or getting around in the city, their products make it easy to keep your dog at your side. A portion of their proceeds will always be committed to helping animals in need. They keep their donations focused on local dog rescues, shelters, and humane societies. Colorado owned and operated, their products come from the heart of an innovative world, where mountains and urban living merge.


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Contact: Chantel Anderson

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5 Must Have Items and Tips for Active Dog Owners


A funny yet true saying, “If your dog is overweight, you’re not getting enough exercise.” There are a lot of good things that happen when you bring home an
energetic pup: you wake up without an alarm clock, you go on more walks and runs, and you get pretty dang good at throwing slobber-covered tennis balls.
There’s specialized dog gear for active dog owners, and here’s what you should consider for your beloved hound:

city dog

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#1 Running Leash

A shorter, multi-style grip control is a perfect running leash for your dog. A must-have for your dog gear collection, the shorter leash keeps control on sidewalks and other high-traffic areas, which is perfect while your pup is learning the ropes.

running with dog

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#2 Portable Water Dish

There’s nothing better than long runs and hikes with your pup. Until you realize there’s no water source, or an easy way to share your own hydration. A portable water dish is easy to carry or pack, and essential to make sure you and your pup get enough fluids.

hiking with dog

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#3 Reflective Gear

There never seems to be enough hours in the day. For the busy athlete, or those wanting cooler temperatures, workouts sometimes fit best in the night hours. Reflective gear is a must for both of you. Make sure your pup’s leash and collar are equipped to ensure night time drivers know you are there.

reflective dog

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#4 Car Seat Covers

For trail runners and hikers, especially on a rainy day, everyone’s treads are going to get extra dirty. A car seat cover will add extra miles to the life of your car’s interior, and let you go extra miles regardless of the weather conditions.

muddy dog

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#5 Paw Wax

Winters are tough on the skin. And it is just as tough on your dog’s paws.  Find a safe, non-toxic wax to massage on your dog’s paws regularly to prevent cracks and reduce damage from tough terrain such as gravel and rocks. Paw wax is a great product to keep your pup happily on his/her feet.

snow dog

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Safety Tips 


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Weather Check and Layers

If you live in the high country, or areas with unpredictable weather, be sure to pack the right kind of layers. Staying dry is important, so don’t forget to your dog’s jacket. Wet or ice-covered fur can lead to fast drops in body temperatures.


off leash dog

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 Off-Leash Recall

After some experience on a good running leash, it may be time to try out the unrestrained off-leash world. Before unleashing the hound, be sure you have a solid recall established. There are many instances where you will need your pup to be responsive and return quickly to you. Treats are always a good trainer, and usually the only tool needed for getting a good recall behavior. Avoid consequence-style techniques, as it’s unnecessary, can be harmful, and often isn’t as effective or long-term as positive reinforcement. Along with some treats in the pocket, a compact dog leash is a perfect companion when switching between on-leash and off-leash adventures.


Dog gear designed for active owners is more than just for looks. It increases safety and makes it easier to get out there more with your pup and enjoy a healthier and worry-free lifestyle with your dog!

#giveback 3 Days Left! A Portion of Proceeds Donated to the Humane Society of America!!


Three days left! For every PaxLeash sold now through the end of December, we will be donating $3 to the Humane Society of the United States, who are currently taking on transfor
mational fights to stop large-scale cruelties, such as animal fighting, puppy mills, factory farming, and the wildlife trade. Get your PaxLeash today and support animals in need! #humanesociety #animalrights #rescue



PaxLeash is Now Available for Purchase!

Check out our new store front, right here at! There you can get your hands on the newly released PaxLeash. We are developing in small batches, with new colors in the pipeline. The “orange” and “green” happen to be our favorite colors, so expect those to stick around for a while.screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-9-31-42-am

In the meantime, be sure to #optoutside for this upcoming holiday weekend, and take your furry friend on a new adventure. Enjoy!!


-RYKO team