June 26, 2017 January Brooks

Pet Ownership Costs Guide for 2017

Can you Afford a Pet?

That furry face and those corn chip feet try to sucker us into wanting to take home the whole litter. Can you afford to take care of just one for the long haul?

Keeping their tummies full is one thing. The adoption/breeder fees, vet visits (vaccinations, dental care, medications, spaying/neutering, emergencies), grooming, training, pet insurance, and of course, don’t forget about their toys, bedding, kennel and those cute sweaters can add up to thousands of dollars over the life of your pet.

Thesimpledollar.com has posted a guide and interactive calculator that covers nearly every expense imaginable for pet owners.


Average Initial and Lifetime Pet Costs by thesimpledollar.com.

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